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Monique Reinsel, Camp Susque’s Treasurer, started as Year Round Staff in August 2014. Starting with her first real job at a 5/10 cent store, Monique entered the world of numbers and continued into doing accounting work for over 20 years now. Her experience in balancing Susque’s monthly bank accounts, ensuring the taxes are paid, and initially writing most of the grants shows that Monique is perfectly suited to serve Susque in this role. Her ability to assess problems well and come up with solutions makes her the perfect person to oversee Susque’s finances.

When Monique isn’t bringing us snacks at staff meetings, “porching” at Hemlock Hall in the summer mornings before staff devotions, or connecting with a summer staff member, you can find her gardening, painting a picture, or “toodling” with her family. You may even find her dreaming of going to Ireland someday with her husband, Bill.  Monique is a mom of 5 adult children and grandma of 2 grandchildren.

What year did you start at Camp Susque?

August of 2014

What kind of experience do you have in your field?

I have been doing accounting type work for over 20 years

What kind of schooling do you have?

Attended Eastern New Mexico University

Where were you born and raised?

Born and raised in Northern California, left when I was 18

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I think people assume I have a college degree because of the work I do, but I don't.

What was your first job?

I have worked since I was 14, I went to work with my mom and helped her in her office when I was 12 and my first real job was working in a 5/10 cent store.

Describe your perfect day off?

Summer - Gardening, Painting a picture or just toodling,time with my family.

Where’s the coolest place you’ve ever been?

The Louvre Museum in Paris to see the Mona Lisa

What’s one thing on your bucket list that you’d love to do?

My bucket list is long one thing is to go Ireland

What is your favorite Scripture?

James 1:2 Consider it ALL JOY when you encounter trials

What is your favorite area at Camp Susque?

Hemlock Hall porch in the morning before staff devotions

What is the story behind your fun photo prop?

I love to paint and wish I would make time to do it more often

Describe your job at Camp Susque in a nutshell, and what is your favorite day in the life of your job?

I am the Treasurer, my job is to balance the monthly bank accounts and ensure the taxes are paid and I also initially write most of the grants. Favorite day when doing my job is to balance the bank account on the day we received a grant I requested.

What are you good at? 

I feel I assess problems well and can come up with solutions.

What challenges you?

I tend to talk to people as if they are part of the conversation in my mind

What is your favorite camp memory as a child?

My favorite memory of camp was not as a camper but as a counselor and puppeteer.I went to camp at Janess Park in California.

When did you become a Christian?

I feel I was saved when I was 8 at VBS and felt God's hand on me throughout my life. He led me to a church when I was a new mom and have been actively serving for 30 years.

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