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Two great family camp options

Susque offers two Family Camp options: Susque Family Camp and Classic Family Camp. Both occur for one week in August and include programming and activities for all ages. Many of our families return year after year, enjoying the traditions they establish as well as the camaraderie of the other family campers. Daily chapels provide time for your family to grow together in Christ and be refreshed as you enjoy a break from daily life.

Lodging options range from bringing your own tent to our cabins, platform tents, or cozy lodges. You can cook your own food or purchase delicious, family-friendly meals from the dining hall using one of our meal plans.

The goal of either Family Camp is for families to be challenged by the meaningful chapels, be refreshed by other families working together in community, and grow closer together as a family as they spend intentional time playing and living together outside of the scope of their daily lives at home.

Leave the cell phones, laundry, and dishes behind and let our staff and beautiful surroundings minister to your family’s soul as you come and enjoy a week at Susque!

If this is the first time you are considering a Family Camp or you have any questions, please read our FAQ for Family Camp and don’t hesitate to give us a call (570-998-2151) or email us a question ( We look forward to working with you to make your family’s camp experience refreshing, fun, and rewarding!

Download a Family Camp Information Packet.

Susque Family Camp

Susque Family Camp is a unique and encouraging experience, offering families a vacation like no other. Each day is filled with thoughtful programming, educational activities, meaningful Chapels, special evening events, great food and lodging, and of course, our nightly Ice Cream Shop. Our year-round and summer staff are eager to serve as you kick back and relax from the daily grind!

Susque Family camp has a schedule that more closely reflects our Boys and Girls summer camps, which means there is almost always a community-oriented activity for your whole family to enjoy.  A wide variety of optional activities help introduce you to new friends, and many educational opportunities help this to be both a vacation and a truly enriching time for all.

View Sample Schedule

Classic Family Camp

family camp

Classic Family Camp has been a tradition for generations of families. For over 30 years, Susque has been providing families with a relaxing and refreshing space to unwind from their busy lives and spend time hanging out, participating in camp activities, or just plain doing nothing. Each day is filled with thoughtful programming, meaningful chapels, great food and lodging, and of course, our nightly Ice Cream Shop. Let our year-round and summer staff serve you as you kick back and relax from the daily grind!

Classic Family Camp is more relaxed and less scheduled giving your family the opportunity to choose your own adventure!

View Sample Schedule

Packing List

This list is not all-inclusive. It is simply a suggestion of things that may be helpful or you may forget.

Modesty Statement

At Susque we strive to convey a mindset of Christian modesty. To help accomplish this, we ask that clothing cover undergarments and private areas. Shirts should also be long enough to cover the midriff area.

Regarding Swimwear:
Boys: Loose-fitting shorts
Girls: One or two-piece that covers the midriff area

Shoes: It is advisable to pack a few pairs of shoes as our fields are typically wet with morning dew. Creek shoes are recommended when swimming or canoeing in the creek.
Swimwear: See modesty statement for guidelines on swimwear. Swimming is available in our pool, nearby Lycoming Creek and off-site at a favorite swimming hole known as Rock Run. Pool hours will be posted on the schedule given at check-in. Children 9 & under MUST be supervised by an adult at all times.
Sweater and/or jacket: These are recommended due to the chilly evening air.


Personal Items
Cooking stoves, utensils, & supplies: If cooking your own meals. NO camp kitchen or lodge cooking utensils may be used for campers personal use at campsites. Please do not remove any items from the kitchen areas.  
Bug spray & sunscreen  
Camera: You will want to capture all the fun and beauty at Camp Susque!  
Musical instruments: This is optional but helpful in enhancing worship as well as campfire times & talent shows.  
Riflery & archery equipment: While permissible to bring your own, all personal firearms & archery equipment MUST remain locked in your vehicle with ammunition locked in a separate container/area (i.e. trunk or glove box) when not in use. NOTE: Only .22 single-shot rifles are permitted.  
Fishing equipment: Fishing is available in the camp pond and nearby Lycoming Creek. Valid PA fishing licenses are required for anyone 16 and older.  
Lawn chairs  
Bicycles: are welcome with restrictions. Riding on porches and between parked cars is NOT PERMITTED. On camp property, for safety concerns, we highly recommend the use of helmets by adults and children; however, should you choose to ride on nearby roads, helmets are required by PA law for children 12 & under. When attending activities at Hemlock Hall, bicycles should be parked at the end of the porch. At all other locations, bicycles should not block entry ways or walk paths.  

Extra funds:

  • A snack bar, located in the pavilion, will be open each evening.
  • Ice & firewood. Ice is available with prices to be posted. Please check with the office staff for its location. Firewood is stacked near our maintenance shed and is free with a donation accepted. Please track your purchases and pay at the camp office at the end of your stay.
  • The Trail's End Camp Store will be open each day for souvenirs, camp apparel, beverages and snacks.
  • An honorarium is collected to cover expenses for our speaker.


Bed & Bath Linens: Camp does not provide bed or bath linens including pillows.  


What Not to Bring
Firewood: To reduce the risk of transporting invasion wood-boring insects such a he Emerald Ash Borer, we ask that you do not bring your own firewood. Bundles of firewood will be available at a minimal cost. You are also welcome to gather dead wood from the forest at no cost!
Illegal drugs or alcohol
All terrain vehicles: including 3 & 4 wheelers & motor bikes are prohibited on Camp Susque property as our liability insurance does not cover their usage.


Health and Safety

Emergencies & Medical Care

Emergencies, such as fire or severe storm, are communicated by continuous ringing of the dinner bell. When  you hear the bell, please report to Hemlock Hall for further instructions by camp administration. Parents are responsible for securing all family members.

Families are responsible for their own medical care and transportation, other than by ambulance. Camp administration will assist in securing emergency medical services, if needed. Should a major injury or medical emergency arise, please notify camp administration immediately. 

Most Susque staff are certified in CPR and First Aid. An AED is also available in the infirmary.

A first aid kit is available outside the infirmary for adult access only. For families going on a hike, portable first aid kits and radios are available. Please see a staff member to obtain.

Useful Information

  • Daily Events, schedule changes and phone messages will be posted on the bulletin board on Hemlock Hall porch as well as in the pavilion. Please check regularly to keep up to date on important information.
  • Chapel Services are held each morning. It is our desire that each family will attend the service. The basketball court is OFF LIMITS during chapel time.
  • The Rifle & Archery Ranges will be available on a limited, scheduled basis, to be announced.
  • All off-camp travel is done without responsibility to Camp Susque. Camp does not sponsor any off-camp trips. You are encouraged to notify someone of your plans in case of emergency.
  • If you wish to purchase an additional meal, payment should be made at the camp office. Reservations must be made the day before the day of desired meal.
  • If your family hosts a guest youth (under 21), that camper must be housed with the host family. The host family is expected to exercise basic parental authority and is responsible for the enforcing of curfews and camp guidelines.
  • Canoeing will be available at designated times with a lifeguard present. Posted safety instructions are expected to be followed. NO horseplay of any kind is permitted. All campers under the age of 18 MUST BE accompanied by an adult in the canoe. A Personal Floatation Device is required to be worn by each person in the canoe. Campers using the canoes are responsible for any damage to the equipment. You are permitted to bring your own canoes and kayaks, however, if they are launched from our dock, all camp guidelines as outlined above must be followed.
  • Camp Laundry Facilities are for camp use only.
  • Office phone is for CAMP USE ONLY and should only be used in the case of emergency when a cell phone is not available. Cell reception is excellent on camp with Verizon and AT&T service and therefore, make a viable option for phone use.
  • All visitors are required to check in at the camp office and receive their visitors badge before going to camp sites. An $18 per day per family commuter fee applies to all visitors. If arrival is after office hours, host families should notify one of the camp directors upon guest’s arrival for check-in and to pay fee.
  • Quiet time in all areas of camp begins at 10:00 p.m. Hemlock Hall will be closed at 11:00 p.m. Everyone should be in their respective family areas and children should not be roaming around the camp.
  • Parents MUST accompany small children through the meal line.
  • Please bag burnable and non-burnable trash separately. Deposit in designated cans in each camping area. Recycling cans are available for clear glass, aluminum cans and certain plastics.
  • Do NOT burn trash in the fire pits including diapers.
  • Do NOT enter the Maintenance Building. This area is OFF LIMITS to all campers. If you are in need of any tools, our Facilities Manager will be happy to assist you.
  • Do NOT trim or cut bushes or trees without permission from camp administration

Lodging & Rates

Family Camp Rates for 2024

*Lodging rates are per family.

Explore the Camp Map.

LODGING Full Week Daily
Susque Lodge (Max 4-6) $702 $135
Laurel Lodge (Max 5) $660 $125
Cabins (Max 8) $486 $100
Platform Tents (Max 8) $450 $94
Nature Den (Max 8) $646 $125
RV/Tent, with hook up $414 $80
RV/Tent - no hook up $336 $70


Adult Per Meal Pricing  $10.00  $12.00  $16.00
Child Per Meal Pricing  $7.00  $9.00  $11.00
Children 4 & Under  FREE


Adult Full Meal plan $170
Child Full Meal Plan $125
Adult Dinners Only Plan $80
Child Dinners Only Plan $55
Children 4 & Under Free


Arriving and Departing Camp

Arriving at Susque

Arrival Times for Family Camps

  • Please plan to arrive between 3 - 5 PM
  • Check-in at the Camp Office
  • If you will be arriving later than 5 PM, please let us know so we can prepare for your late arrival.
  • After you are all checked in and settled, join us at 6 PM on Sunday for a hot dog roast!

New Family Orientation

If this is your first time at Family Camp, you are invited to an informational meeting at 5:30 pm in the pavilion.

Departing from Susque

Departure Time for Family Camps

Departure: noon on Saturday

Frequently Asked Questions

What size linens should I bring?

Our tents, cabins, & Nature Den contain twin size beds. Most beds in Susque Lodge and Laurel Lodge rooms are twin size as well. However, some of those rooms also have double beds. It is advisable to contact our camp office to know for sure what your room is equipped with.

What payment options will be available at check-in to pay my balance?

For your convenience, we accept cash, checks, money orders as well as Mastercard, Visa and Discover credit cards.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

You should contact the camp office by phone or email as soon as possible to cancel so we can open up your spot to other families.

If I cancel my reservation, is my money refundable?

Cancellations made prior to April 1 is totally refundable. Cancellations made after March 20th and up to seven (7) days prior to the registered camp date allows for a full refund of any monies paid, minus the deposit. After that date, all monies paid are non-refundable.

Is medical care available on camp grounds by a licensed nurse or physician?

During family camps we do not staff a licensed nurse or physician. Please see the Emergencies and Medical Care section for more information.

Some of my family members have food allergies. Can you accommodate our needs or should we prepare our own meals?

We can accommodate most restrictions, but not all. For those campers with dietary restrictions, we will offer alternative food choices. You MUST indicate all food allergies and/or dietary needs (vegetarian) on your registration form, at least two weeks prior to arrival, in order for the kitchen staff to accommodate your specific needs. If an allergy or need arises after the registrations form is submitted, please contact us by phone or email to discuss accommodation.

Are there activity classes for our children/family to participate in?

We offer activity classes during Susque Family Camp only. Small children must be accompanied by an adult. Class sizes vary and will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Sign up with occur Monday morning. Examples of classes offered in the past include photography, riflery, camp craft, pottery, canoeing, nature, rocketry, archery, ropes course, arts & craft and orienteering. Please feel free to organize activities amongst the other families such as volleyball games and skit night. Please see our Program Director for any equipment needed or to schedule activities.

Is there access to computers?

There are no computers accessible for families to use. However, we do have WIFI available if you would like to bring your own computer/tablet.

Can we bring our dog?

Dogs are permitted with the following guidelines:

  • They MUST be kept on a leash or in a kennel under your supervision at all times.
  • Clean-up is your responsibility.
  • They are NOT permitted in the dining hall unless serving as guide dogs.
  • They should not create a disturbance or nuisance. Excessive barking is a disturbance.
We enjoyed our stay so much we want to come back next year. Can we reserve our spot before we leave?

Absolutely! Each family is given the opportunity to reserve their lodging (or a new spot) for the following year by  completing a registration form and submitting a $100 deposit. This deposit is refundable through March 30th of the following year should your plans need to change. After that date, your deposit becomes non-refundable as mentioned above.

General Camp Info

Mission and Beliefs

Susque's mission, statement of faith and beliefs


How to get to Camp Susque

Camp Map

Interactive map of our buildings and property

Financial Accountability

How we use the gifts and finances entrusted to us.

Board of Directors

Our Leadership

History and Tradition

How Camp Susque came to be

Staff & Employment

Meet the Staff

Meet your year-round staff

Work at Susque

Join the Susque team


For credit & not-for-credit programs available.

Camps & Trips

Summer Youth Camps

For campers entering grades 1-11

Winter Youth Camps

For campers in grades 3-12

Family Camp

Camps for whole families

Wilderness Trips

A camping experience at a whole new level.  Grades 6-12.

Educational Programs

Educational Programs Overview

Special programs and classes throughout the year.

School Field Trips

Field Trips Overview

Unique, interactive and memorable experiences for students.

Susque Podcast

The Susquodcast

A regular podcast dedicated to all things Camp Susque.

Other Programs

Susque Trail Run

Annual 5k through Susque's property

Youth Summit

For Jr and Sr high youth groups

Harvest Festival

Activities for the whole family

Spring Family Weekend

Weekend getaway for intentional family time.

Pastor & Spouse Retreat

A refreshment retreat open to Pastors and their spouses

Work Fellowship Weekend

Sign up for a work weekend to help us gear up for camp season.


Donate to Susque's mission and help create experiences that last a lifetime.


Sign up for a work weekend to help us gear up for camp season.


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