Food & Lodging


Meals in the dining hall have traditionally been a hallmark of the week for campers, and we aim to keep it that way!

Campers are served three meals a day and snacks most nights. A salad bar is available during lunch. During Boys and Girls Camps, your camper will participate in a cookout and eat outside for two of his/her evening meals. One of these meals will be with your camper's age group area and the other will occur on the much-anticipated Susque Stew night with your camper's cabin or tent group.

Susque strives to provide nutritious, desirable meals that keep campers energized throughout the day. We ensure that your camper gets healthy servings of fruits and vegetables throughout the day and stays hydrated. Additionally, we encourage campers to consistently have a full water bottle with them.

View a sample menu. 

Beyond the types of food served, we intentionally use round tables and family-style dining. This is to promote conversation around the table and cabin/tent group bonding. Each cabin or tent group sits together at every meal in the dining hall.

Food Allergies & Dietary Restrictions

Susque handles dozens of food allergies and restrictions every summer. Our Food Service Manager has taken the time and initiative to ensure that Susque is able to handle most allergies and preferences, while still ensuring high-quality, filling meals. We strive to ensure that allergies and restrictions are handled in a discrete manner. Often, the camper will receive the same meal as their fellow cabin or tentmates, with substituted items to meet their health needs.

To notify us of your camper's food allergy or restriction, you will be provided a place on your camper's health form, due two weeks before your camper's arrival. Our Food Service Manager may call you for further clarification. If something should change after you submit your health form, we request that Susque be notified within two weeks of your camper's arrival or we cannot guarantee accommodation. Health forms can be accessed by logging into your CampInTouch account.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us (570-998-2151) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Campers are housed in one of two lodging options: single-story cabins or platform, canvas tents. Each cabin and tent houses 6-8 campers, a Counselor, and potentially a Staff-in-Training member. Cabins utilize bunk beds, while tents tend to use single beds. All beds are twin size.

Our cabins and tents are organized into three "areas." For Young Explorers, these areas are divided by gender. For Boys and Girls camps, these areas are used to provide age group divsion within the camp. Our campers entering grades 3-5 for Boys and Girls camps stay in the Hickory Grove Area, campers entering grades 6-8 stay in the Mountainside area, and campers entering grades 9-11 stay in the Creekside area. Cabin and tent assignments are determined by age and grade at the Program Directors' discretion. 

Each area is serviced with toilet and water facilities. A newly renovated and expanded showerhouse sits on one side of camp and is accessible to all campers. This showerhouse has multiple showers, a separate toilet and sink wing, and extra features such as skylights, tiling, and inlaid sinks. We are currently in the process of building a new showerhouse on the other side of camp as well.

Bunk Requests

Susque does allow one bunk request per camper to be submitted. Our policy requires that bunk requests must be:

  1. Made in advance
  2. Both campers must request each other
  3. Both campers must be in the same grade-level breakdown (see the 2nd paragraph in "Lodging" above)


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