Health & Safety

Camp Susque is committed to camper safety. To that end, we have set stringent measures in place to guarantee that we have well screened and trained staff. Our activities and facilities are regularly tested and examined. Meals are concientiously created with nutrition and variety in mind. Food allergies and dietary restrictions are handled in a professional, discrete manner. 

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Staff Screening

  • Camp Susque performs background and sex offender checks on all staff, including year-round, program and support staff. 
  • Each summer staff member must submit an application and references to be considered. Each staff member is also personally interviewed by either our Director or full-time Program Director.

Staff Training

  • All Summer Camp Program Staff are led through a training program. This training includes practical skills as well as the vision and purpose behind why we do what we do. All trainings are overseen by our year-round leadership.
  • All staff are specifically trained on recognizing child abuse and avoiding compromising situations.
  • Susque complies with mandated reporting laws to report any suspected abuse to the appropriate agency.


  • Medical care and supplies are not provided by Camp Susque during Family Camps.
  • Susque is 5 minutes away from the nearest ambulance.
  • Susque is 20 minutes away from a trauma facility.


  • We take special care to accommodate most food allergies and dietary preferences. Often, a substitute of the same food other campers are eating is provided.
  • We ensure that your family gets healthy servings of fruit and vegetables throughout the day.
  • We ensure that your family stays hydrated at meals.
  • Our kitchen is regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Health in the same manner as public restaurants.
  • For more info, see our Food page.


  • All program equipment is inspected at the beginning of the season and throughout the season before each use.
  • Each activity class teacher is specifically trained for his/her activity class. 
  • All camp-scheduled activities are supervised by staff at all times.
  • Each camp-scheduled activity must be approved by the full-time Program Director.
  • Year-round leadership staff are always involved in each of the Family Camps, leading or assisting the program, providing oversight and guidance, and handling emergencies.


  • All lodges, cabins, and tents are equipped with emergency exits. Additionally, all lodges and cabins have smoke alarms and fire extinguishers.

American Camp Association (ACA) Accredited

ACA's accreditation program helps camps meet the expectations of the industry and parents. Because we are ACA-accredited, we have met over 275 standards relating to program quality and camper/staff health and safety. See more at:

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